If you are interested in hiring me I have put together a guide for you to give you an idea of how I work.

Of course, if you have any questions at all or have suggestions for new projects, just send me an email at;


For all my work I have a baseline hourly rate set at 140 SEK (around 18 USD), independent of medium and size.

With painting and illustration I work in traditional mediums, generally graphite and oils on board or paper.

For 3D work I use Supersculpey, and create sculptures up to 30 by 30 cm and down to miniatures (Monster size 28mm ranges).

I really enjoy doing work from Concept through design and to finished product, so on those kind of projects I am glad to offer discounts on larger projects.

For portraits I am happy to work from photos, though I prefer working from photos and reference I have directed or shot myself.

I also prefer a couple of lines about the sitter so as to capture the portrayed accordingly.


For books I work with two sizes, enabling me to have a set price of 300 SEK for a small size (about A5) and 600 SEK for a large (about A4), with a set page count of about 80 pages per book.